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  • Looking For Signs You Need A New Roof

    Other than age, what are the signs that your home is in need of a new roof? When it comes to a new roofing project should your Florida roofing professional simply put new shingles over the existing ones or will the old ones need to come off before new shingles are installed? What do you look for in a roofing professional? These, and many more questions, will need to be answered when you’re [...]

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    Roofers Explain Roof Essentials

    Unless you’re involved in the roofing industry, chances are, what happens on your roof is beyond your scope of expertise and other than noticing if your home starts to leak or if a shingle blows off, it might all be a mystery. Roofing professionals in Florida explain that your roof is made of up many parts, any or all, of which can lead to problems if maintenance and upkeep are not done on a [...]

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    Avoid The ‘Storm Chaser’ Roofers

    A storm has just blown through your neighborhood and now you’re wondering, “did my roof suffer any damage?” In addition to wondering that, you can rest assured that there will be individuals in your neighborhood that will claim to be roofing professionals who will want to inspect your roof and give you an estimate for repairs. Use caution and don’t give into the ease of working with [...]

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    Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

    If you could take steps to help your roof last longer, wouldn’t you? Of course you would and there are steps that the homeowner can take to make sure their roof lasts as long as possible. Did you know that clogged gutters can negatively impact the life expectancy of your roof? It’s true! If the water doesn’t drain from the gutters and downspouts it could lead to a build-up of water and [...]

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    What Can A Roof Cleaning Do For You?

    Could something as simple as hiring an expert roofing contractor to clean your roof prevent you from having to have a new roof installed? It just might. If there are structural issues those will need to be addressed, but a thorough roof cleaning can remove mold as well as make it more appealing. Because a roof is (naturally) exposed to the elements 24/7/365 it only stands to reason that without[...]

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