• Looking For Signs You Need A New Roof

  • Installing a new roofOther than age, what are the signs that your home is in need of a new roof? When it comes to a new roofing project should your Florida roofing professional simply put new shingles over the existing ones or will the old ones need to come off before new shingles are installed? What do you look for in a roofing professional? These, and many more questions, will need to be answered when you’re considering a roofing project.

    Waiting for your current roof to start leaking before you decide that it’s time to replace, is not an ideal situation. Once the water starts to make its way from the roof and through your ceilings, the roof deck and other interior house elements can be negatively impacted.

    Here is a checklist you can use to determine if it’s time to replace your roof:

    • Have the shingles curled up?
    • Are you missing shingles?
    • How old is the current roof? A roof, properly installed, can last for two decades.
    • Do you notice any shifting of the shingles or any other irregularities in the shingle layout? • Are there any areas that appear to be sagging?
    • Do you find a lot of asphalt on your driveway or in your gutters? This means the shingles are failing.
    • Go into the attic during a rain storm and see if you find any evidence of leaks.

    If, during the inspection, you notice any irregularities or causes for concern, you will want to call a roofing professional and have a complete inspection. Once that occurs, your roofer may discuss these options with you:

    • A tear off of current shingles and replacement with new ones or an overlay project in which he will put new shingles over top of the current ones. It will cost about 25% less to have an overlay project than a complete tear off, but there could be roof deck or other structural issues that will lead to a tear off. Additionally, there are some states which demand that shingles be removed after X number of layers have been installed as overlay projects. Your roofing contractor will know what that level is in your area.
    • A complete tear off and replacement will make certain that water-damaged sheathing will be replaced.
    • If the roof is in good condition, other than the shingles, you may be able to have an overlay project completed.
    • Your roofer will follow the guidelines as set forth by the shingle manufacturer as well as building codes as they relate to the warranty of the roofing project.
    • Even if you and your roofer decide to do an overlay project, be aware that areas around chimneys or sky lights will still need to have the shingles removed to the roof flashing.

    As with any project, it is ultimately the homeowner’s decision on which method he wants to undertake for his project. Working with a qualified, experienced roofer, though means you will be armed with enough information to make an informed decision.

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