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  • Brand New Locally Optimized Website

    City Roofing And Remodeling Orlando Launch Brand New Locally Optimized Website Summary: City Roofing And Remodeling Orlando has created an all-new and fully locally optimized website, to introduce their services to new audiences searching for roofing companies online.   Orlando, FL, United States - The roof is one of the most fundamental elements of any building, and protects [...]

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    Do You Know When To Call A Roofer?

    Knowing when to call a roofer is sometimes a matter of, “We have a leak. Call the roofer!” Calling a roofing contractor in an emergency situation, while warranted, shouldn’t be the only time to pick up the phone. If you take the time to monitor the condition of your roof (take a peek at it when you’re driving up to the house on a regular basis) a quick visual inspection will alert you [...]

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    What Roof Styles Are Popular In Florida?

    Roofing contractors in Florida understand that there are many roof styles that are unique to the Sunshine State. There are many that are more common to Florida than other areas of the country, and even in Florida there are roof styles that are more popular in one area of the state than others. For example, in central and southwest Florida you will see roof tiles in styles that vary from barreled [...]

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    Assessing Roof Damage Caused By Trees

    As any homeowner in Florida knows, having trees not only adds to the aesthetic beauty of the home but are necessary for providing shade from the Florida sunshine. While trees certainly add beauty, they can become problematic during or after a story has passed through. If a tree, or large tree branches, fall on your home during a severe weather situation, you will want to get out of the house as[...]

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    Checking For Roof Damage After Wind And Hail Storms

    A roof never gets a break from the weather! Whether it’s hot and sunny, humid, cloudy, rainy, snowy or being beaten upon by high winds and hail, it certainly takes a constant battering from Mother Nature. Hail and strong wind storms wreak the most havoc on your roof, its shingles and the roof flooring. There is no better way to make certain your roof is always ready to take what the elements [...]

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