• Assessing Roof Damage Caused By Trees

  • Tree uprooted from a storm and fell on houseAs any homeowner in Florida knows, having trees not only adds to the aesthetic beauty of the home but are necessary for providing shade from the Florida sunshine. While trees certainly add beauty, they can become problematic during or after a story has passed through.

    If a tree, or large tree branches, fall on your home during a severe weather situation, you will want to get out of the house as soon as the storm has passed to assess any roof damage. If you’re not able to get onto the roof yourself, you will want to contact a roofing contractor in Florida to perform an inspection of the roof.

    Taking photos of the damage on the roof, both inside and outside of the house (if there was a leak or other interior damage) will help you when you file a claim with your insurance agent. If you have a roofing contractor who will be inspecting the roof for you, ask him to take photos of the damage and give you access to those pictures.

    If the interior of the home didn’t sustain damage and the structure of the roof itself wasn’t damaged your roof weathered the storm well! If your home is only missing a few shingles or has a few broken clay tiles, you will want to ask the contractor for an estimate to fix the damage. Don’t have the contractor undertake any repairs to the home until you have had an insurance adjuster come and assess the damage and let you know whether you have any reason to file a claim.