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  • Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando FloridaWhen visiting somewhere special for the first time, it’s overwhelming to know where to eat. When time is limited at a destination, no one wants to use trial and error to find out what restaurants are bummers, at the expense of missing out on the winners.

    Instead of learning empirically, read on to learn some of the top restaurants to eat at in Orlando. Whether you are new to Orlando, want to know if you are missing any new places as your annual trip to the area approaches, or have a couple of days here, learn where to eat.

    The Local Favorites

    It’s great and all to read about what critics find appealing. Though, nothing speaks as loudly as the locals. Where are they willing to spend their time and hard-earned money for a satisfying meal?

    The area has risen in options, as the favorites are no longer just big chains along the highway. You may have to head over to Disney for some of them. And of course, for the smart locals who use their in-state passes, it’s a great excuse to head over to the park.

    Sanaa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is among the top spots for African fare. Yes, you read that right, Orlando has African food right inside its borders. Nile Ethiopian is another favorite among locals for this traditional cuisine done right.

    If you are not in the South much, and heading to Orlando to visit family, Disney, or for business, come on out and enjoy a great barbecue. Go to Bubbalous Bodacious BBQ first as it’s the top of the heap according to Orlando’s locals.

    Porky’s Originals, 4 Rivers Smokehouse and even Westgate Smokehouse Grill are among the favorites too. Check out Keller’s as well. If you wait all year just to have some Southern BBQ, then you should have enough options to keep you satisfied for days at a time now.

    For a great breakfast before heading out for your day’s adventures or meetings, check out Keke’s, or First Watch as well as Shakers.

    The Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando, FLFor a special Sunday brunch, get out to Grand Bohemian Hotel in downtown. You will be glad you made the trip. Soco and Santiago’s Bodega are also among the top spot favorites as well.

    The chain restaurants have come a long way compared to what they used to be here in Orlando. There was a tie when it was greasy spoons, fast food, and chain cafeterias. These days, even the chains are more sophisticated, in aims to reach a more diverse and health conscious palate without sacrificing flavor.

    Check out Seasons 52, which offers up a seasonal menu that always changes. Marlowe’s Tavern is a favorite throughout the Southeast, as well as Mellow Mushroom, a great place for pizza and beer. Cheap Eats and Gringos Locos are also favorites among locals and residents of the Southeast alike.

    See if you find a new favorite from this list. Or, maybe you will just visit your favorite place over and over again.

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