• An Overview Of Orlando Tourism

  • If you have ever been to Orlando in Florida before, there are many things that this city is known for. Most people around the world are familiar with Disney World. It is considered by some to be the best amusement park in the world.

    It is actually made up of several different theme parks, each catering to a particular audience. You could spend a couple weeks in Orlando, and not have time to see them all. Tourism in Orlando is based upon all of these attractions, but there are other places that you can go as well.

    Let’s go over the top attractions that you will see in Orlando, as well as others that you may have never heard of. It is a city that is definitely designed with the tourist in mind, plus you can get great deals if you decide to visit.

    Main Attractions In Orlando

    The top attractions in Orlando will include Walt Disney World Resort, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and also the Wizard in the World of Harry Potter. These are attractions that bring in millions of people every single year from all over the world.

    Part of their notoriety has to do with the long-standing reputation of Disneyland, and the worldwide phenomena of the Harry Potter movies and books. If you prefer something that is a little more naturalistic, you may want to visit a waterpark instead. One of the most popular is

    Discovery Cove, a place where you can see dolphins and an assortment of other aquatic creatures that will be right there in front of you. Finally, you will also get to see the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and SeaWorld Orlando.

    How Are These Attractions Marketed?

    What is unique about the many different tourist attractions in Orlando is that there is not a lot of marketing involved at all. The name of Disney is well known worldwide, and people that travel to Orlando for the express purpose of seeing Walt Disney World will inevitably spend time at these other parks.

    There are also attractions within Walt Disney World including the famous Epcot Center, Typhoon Lagoon, and Blizzard Beach Waterpark. These are places that you will find simply wandering around Disney World, and if you are traveling during the summer, these are some of the best places to visit.

    Special Deals That Attract Tourists

    One of the best strategies used by these theme parks is the combination of a hotel stay along with passes that grant you access to the parks themselves. If you were to buy these individually, they would be much more expensive.

    By saving money on the theme park tickets, and a substantial amount on the hotel that you will be staying at, it’s a win-win scenario for everyone involved. The hotels will constantly be full. The theme parks will also make more money by attracting people courtesy of the special deals. Patrons will benefit from the lower price which is why they will decide to come.

    Fountian in OrlandoOther Attractions In Orlando

    There are several other attractions that you might want to visit, especially during the summer. There is Camp Disney, Magical Midway, and the Star Wars Launch Bay. There are also smaller businesses that benefit from the notoriety of Disney including the CoCo Key Water Resort, Hukoo’s Family Fun, and a multitude of other companies.

    It is because of this unique atmosphere that many businesses enjoy a substantial amount of business that would simply not be possible without the popularity of the Disney line of amusement parks known worldwide. It is a fun-filled place to visit, and if you are planning to visit Florida, you will see why Orlando tourism is so incredibly active.

    This basic overview of the city of Orlando in Florida, and how tourism has been affected by the marketing power of Disney, you might want to plan your vacation very soon. It’s actually very easy to get special discounts on your stay which can range from three days to seven days, giving you plenty of time to have fun with your significant other or your family.

    You should certainly plan to go during times when the weather will be warm so that you will have access to the water parks as well. It is a beautiful place to visit, something that is often considered even more accessible than Anaheim, California, the home of the original Disneyland. Find out more about traveling to Orlando this year and discover why so many people love this city.

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