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  • All You Need To Know About Ivanhoe Village FL

    Ivanhoe Village FL

    Once known as the “Antique Row,” Ivanhoe Village is situated to the north of well-known downtown Orlando. This area features an exciting, eclectic mixture of independent bars, restaurants, and shops. The best part about Ivanhoe Village is that you can safely walk everywhere.

    Things To See And Do

    The neighborhood of Ivanhoe Village is better known for the stunning green spaces, boutiques, and galleries. If you enjoy water sports, you may want to participate in stand-up paddle-boarding or jet-skiing activities on offer before you venture into the bars, restaurants, and shops that this neighborhood has to offer. If you prefer less touristy experiences be sure to attend the First Friday Art Walk.


    Dinning in Ivanhoe Village FL

    The dining in Ivanhoe Village is diverse from greasy venerable spoons such as Brian’s Restaurant onto the more charming White Wolf Café, where you can enjoy a full-bar and listen to lively jazz music on a Friday night. Here are some of the top dining destinations to consider on your next trip to Ivanhoe Village:

    Hideaway Bar

    This local bar serves up fantastic bar food. They also offer an expansive beer-list along with local-favorites like Coppertail or the out-of-state selections such as McKenzie’s Hard Cider.

    The Hammered Lamb

    This restaurant serves up exciting eats like French Dips and Gyros along with an extensive cocktail and beer list. The Hammered Lamb is the ideal spot to get your journey started in Ivanhoe Village. This venue also offers an outstanding outdoor-covered seating area if you are not worried about the heat.

    • The Matador

    This interesting bar has a specialty for handcrafted cocktails. It is here you can enjoy the very best Gin and Tonics or Whiskey Sours and Old Fashions the way they should be served.

    • Nora’s Sugar Shack

    This eclectic bar housed inside a historic home is a place where you can light-up your favorite cigars or get to know the dog who belongs to the owner.

    • Quantum Leap Winery

    This venue has a focus on sustainability; this is winery has something for everyone. One of the stands of wines includes their Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley.

    The Nightlife

    Night life Ivanhoe Village fL

    The places where you can enjoy different beverages in this part of the town has seemed to grow significantly over the last few years. You may want to try out the well-appointed Imperial Wine Room found at Washburn Imports, where all the benches, carved rosewood panels, and sconces are up for sale. If you are on a tight budget, pay a visit to the homely Caboose or Hideaway where you can meet new people and enjoy cheap drinks.


    Shopping in Ivanhoe Village FL

    Until very recently this town was most commonly called “Antiques Row.” Even though the name changed the shops where you can acquire some vintage items are still plentiful. Rock & Roll Heaven is a dusty and cluttered wonderland for vinyl-lovers. While Boom Art by Rogers features one-of-a-kind and colorful works from pop art pieces to fridge magnets that showcase famous characters and celebrities.

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