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    Loch Haven Park in Orlando FL is also known as Loch Haven Museum Park. The reason for this is because there are a lot of museums near the park. This means that you can enjoy everything the park has to offer and make it by the museum attractions as well if you like. Plus the downtown Orlando location of Loch Haven Park puts you in an excellent place for doing all kinds of things, without really being in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. It is time to enjoy beautiful Loch Haven Museum Park in Orlando FL.

    There is a tree there that has been around since 1688. It is considered to be not only one of the oldest living trees in Orlando but the entire country. Reviews say that some of the tree branches have actually attached to the ground, which has created a canopy. Imagine sitting underneath that tree and reading a book on vacation. That sounds peaceful.

    Not only are there several museums right nearby, but there is also a great theater. People say that this park is also a fantastic spot to host a special event. Do you have a wedding or some other type of event you would like to plan? It would make an excellent place for a family reunion as well or even a weekend family picnic.

    While the park is small, it is a beautiful oasis in downtown Orlando. The live oak tree there is the main attraction of course, and you might have to take a picture of it while you are there. You might also have to battle for position so to speak if you want to read that book underneath the tree. Consider yourself blessed if you find time alone under the live oak.

    The branches of this oak tree have not only reconnected with the ground but have rooted themselves up to 40 feet away and then have resurfaced above ground. You will catch beautiful views of the lake, and there is a bridge there that leads to an old neighborhood. Some travelers that have left reviews didn’t notice all that was there at the park. You will want to take your time and look carefully so that you don’t miss anything.

    There is even what is said to be a medical oddity on-site at Loch Haven Park. Take a walk around, and if you didn’t bring a picnic lunch, there are also restaurants nearby. One source describes Loch Haven Park as a ‘cultural corridor,’ which of course has everything to do with the nearby museums.

    It was mentioned that Loch Haven Museum Park is a great place for hosting events. Well, there are several community events that you can attend as well that are held at the park. One of them is the Festival of Trees. Then there is also the Antiques Show and Sale and at least a few more. Check out what’s going on at Loch Haven Park while you are in Orlando, Florida.
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