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    International Drive Florida

    When you go to Orlando in Florida, you will inevitably end up on what is called International Drive. It runs about 11 miles and is one of the busiest streets because it is considered the tourist strip. The I-Drive will undoubtedly have many attractions that will motivate you to stop and see what they have to offer. From restaurants to unique shops, you will find yourself spending more time on this street than you would have imagined that you should. Let’s discuss this road, why it is popular, and what you will see when you are there.

    What Is Important About The I-Drive?

    When you go to Las Vegas, you have likely driven down the Las Vegas strip. It is the primary conduit through all of the fantastic casinos that you will see. Whether you travel on it at night, or during the day, it serves the same purpose. In the same way, International Drive is similar to what you will see in Vegas, minus the towering casinos. It is a route that is four lanes wide and will take you past some of the more unusual attractions that are located in the city.

    What Will You See On International Drive?

    Universal Studio Orlando FL

    There are so many different things that you are going to see here. For example, you are going to see the exit to Universal Orlando. There is also the Pirates Cove adventure golf course, and the Orlando Eye Ferris Wheel. In addition to all of this, you will find an assortment of restaurants, hotels, and every other monitored amenity that you could be looking for. This street was originally designed back in the 1960s. However, once Walt Disney World was officially opened in 1971, this was the beginning of what would become the most popular street in central Florida.

    What Also You See There?

    If you start out the north end, and you decide to drive the 11 miles all the way to Pointe Plaza Dr, you will also see the Beachline Expressway, SeaWorld Orlando, and Air Florida Helicopter. In addition to this, you can see Volcano Bay, and Wonder Works. There is also the Magical Midway and a series of outlet malls and miniature golf courses. Essentially, everything that you could want to do in Orlando can be found right off of this street. That was the original intention, and as the city continued to grow, it had adhered to this purpose that was created decades ago when it was first laid out.

    If you ever get lost in Orlando, all you have to find is the International Drive. It is no different than other major roads in places like Los Angeles, Vegas, and even New York. However, this one is only 11 miles in length, and you will likely be able to find your way within a few minutes of getting on this road. It is the gateway to many of the most exciting and well-known amusement parks and attractions. If you get to go to Orlando soon, you want to consider driving on this road at some point in time.
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