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    College Park Orlando FL

    If you have been to Orlando FL, have you ever explored the neighborhood of College Park? The community is named College Park because of there being many streets named after colleges and universities. Not only is it a favorite residential neighborhood, but it is in downtown Orlando. You can’t beat that location. What else do you need to know about College Park, Orlando FL?

    To get to know the neighborhood of College Park a little better, one place you can stop by is Albert Park. Albert Park is considered to be part of the heart of the neighborhood, and it is a cultural hub within the area, too. Live music can be enjoyed in Albert Park quite often, and it is a great place to visit during the Christmas season. Remember that you are in downtown Orlando, so while you want to experience all the sights and sounds, you can escape to this wonderful nature preserve right in the heart of College Park.

    You are going to love exploring the rest of the neighborhood, too. When it’s time to grab a bite to eat, boy are you in for a treat. There is an establishment called K Restaurant, and it is chef owned and operated. That’s not all, as there is a garden right outdoors, which is used by the chef to add fresh herbs and vegetables to his recipes. Does it get any better?

    Orlando FL Science Center

    While in College Park, you can also stop by an interactive museum known as the Orlando Science Center. While there are many impressive exhibits located inside the museum, you’re not going to believe that there is a four-story tall tree right smack dab in the middle. Now that is indeed a unique fixture to a science museum. There are community events hosted at this museum as well, so it is a place of interest that not only helps you get to know the neighborhood of College Park better but its people, too.

    Given all, there is to do in College Park and the fact that it is a downtown neighborhood in Orlando, you are likely not surprised to find out that it was voted to be the best neighborhood in the city. You are going to find all kinds of great shopping experiences there, and what you get is a cultural taste of the real Orlando. There will still be plenty of tourists making their way around, but you get the idea.

    College Park is the real deal. The Orlando Shakespeare Theater is one more of the many places that you can stop by when in the neighborhood. College Park may be in the middle of downtown Orlando, but it sounds like a place you can relax and just take it easy, doesn’t it? Take in a show at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater, visit Albert Park, eat at K Restaurant and enjoy everything else that the neighborhood of College Park FL has to offer both residents and its many visitors, too.
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