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    You have probably heard of Orange County, California, but have you heard of Orange County, Florida? Florida is the Citrus State after all, and it is the Sunshine State, too. Winter Park is a beautiful little city in suburban Orange County, and its motto is the City of Culture and Heritage. Part of midwestern Florida on the Atlantic side, Winter Park was incorporated in 1925. Have you discovered the many places of interest that are in the city of Winter Park FL?

    Central Park is one of the great parks of the city of Winter Park, and it is located at 251 South Park Avenue. There you can visit the train station, a rose garden and much more. There are plenty of shops and restaurants right nearby, and there is a favorite museum in the area, too. Reviews mention an annual sidewalk arts festival that is held there, and Central Park is also a great place to visit during the Christmas season.

    Lake Virginia is another popular area to visit and get to know Winter Park a little better. One thing you might want to do there is to take a scenic boat tour. People say that the views waiting for you at Lake Virginia are quite splendid indeed. Some of the reviews suggest taking the tour towards the end of the day so that there isn’t a crowd and you can enjoy quite the relaxing atmosphere.

    Casa Feliz Historic Home Museum is located at 656 North Park Avenue. This old historic home is a great way to get around Winter Park and get to know the area. Weddings and events are held there, and the property is also right on a golf course if you are interested in playing some golf. You can attend concerts on Sundays, and the best part about your visit to Casa Feliz Historic Home Museum is that the tour is free.

    Perhaps one of the best places to get to know more about Winter Park is the Winter Park Historical Museum. This museum is located at West New England Avenue, and there are all kinds of exhibits to see there to learn more about local history. Reviews mention an exhibit that is all about life during World War II in Winter Park. Winter Park Historical Museum is located by the Farmers Market, too if you want to stop by and get some fresh local produce and mingle with everyone.

    Enzian Theater is also a fun place to visit, and it is located at 1300 South Orlando Avenue. Enzian Theater features an annual film festival, and there are also many great independent films you can watch there. Expect comfortable seats, a great bar, truffle fries and so much more.

    After stopping by these five significant places of interest, you will have undoubtedly familiarized yourself more with Winter Park FL. The city is very charming with all kinds of great history to learn about. Vacation in Winter Park, and see what your impression is of this midwestern Florida city is after you have had your fun.

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