• What Will A Roof Inspection Cost?

  • A roof inspection should be part of a homeowner’s to-do list when it comes to home repairs, maintenance and general upkeep. A roof inspection, performed annually, can help you understand what the life expectancy of your roof is and if there are any repairs you should be undertaking.

    If you’re looking for a roof inspection make certain you are hiring a reliable, experienced and reputable inspector. You will also want to hire an inspector who has nothing to gain if he finds an issue with the roof. Yes, chances are the individual you hire will be a roofing contractor, but you will want him to provide you with an inspection that shows what needs to be done, if anything, to your roof along with photographs to show you what he’s talking about. Because you can’t get on the roof yourself, a roofing contractor will typically take photos of any damage he sees so he can show you when he comes down from the roof. If you’re having an inspection for the first time, you will want to ask for the photos and keep them so you have them for comparison purposes for the following years’ inspection.

    What will a roofing inspection cost? The answer is, “it varies.” The reason for variances in roof inspection costs is it will be based on several factors including the size and slope of your roof, among others.

    Some roofing contractors will provide a free inspection with the hope that if the roof needs repairs, you will hire him. The inspection cost may be higher if the roofing contractor does in inside-the-house inspection of problem areas.

    Scheduling a roof inspection provides peace of mind for many homeowners, especially if you’re going into the rainy or hurricane season.

    What will an inspector look for? Here are a few items:

    • The overall appearance and state of the roof. This will include whether there is surface or subsurface deterioration
    • The condition of the shingles, whether any are missing, curled or broken
    • Cracks or sites that could lead to leaks
    • The condition of the gutters, chimney vents and skylights
    • Any areas that could lead to potential issues

    Following the inspection, the roofing contractor should give you a written report and the photos he took while he was on the roof. If he recommends any work, it is up to the homeowner to determine whether he will hire the contractor that did the inspection or if he will shop around for estimates from others.