• Understanding The Basics Of Your Roof

  • While you may not give your roof much thought, you have to consider that it is the “umbrella” under which the rest of your house and its contents reside. When you think of that, you may come to the conclusion that knowing at least the basics about your roof is a great idea.

    Whether you’re having a house constructed from the ground floor up or are in the process of having a new roof installed, there are some components and terms you may want to take into consideration when you’re talking with a Florida roofing professional.

    A correctly installed roof can last for decades, depending on the materials used, here are some roofing basics for the homeowner:

    • If you have a roof that is sloped more than 25% there are five basic components that go into it. The structure includes the rafters and the larger structure into which they fit, the trusses.
    • The sheathing which are large sheets of board or plywood that are placed over the roof structure. The sheathing is also sometimes called the roof deck.
    • After the roofing professional has the sheathing in place, he will install the flashing. Flashing is sheet metal that is placed around any joints or chimney or skylights on the roof to help prevent any leaks. Flashing helps to make everything water tight.
    • The roof covering is your shingles or metal roof, wooden shakes, redwood or other roof coverings available in your area of the country. Slate and tile are also popular options for roof coverings.
    • Last, but not least is the drainage system that is part of the overall roof which includes the down spouts and eaves troughs. These capture rainfall and carry it away from the foundation of your home.

    City Roofing will explain the step by step process that will be taken to ensure that your roof is installed correctly!