• Tips To Determine If Your Roof Needs Cleaning

  • Cleaning the roof of your house may not be something you think about when you’re inside running the vacuum cleaner and doing other household maintenance chores. Did you know, though, that giving your roof a thorough cleaning can add to its aesthetics and can even add to the life of the roof? It’s true. Orlando Roofing Contractor, City Roofing, will tell you that not all roofs are candidates for cleaning, but if yours is, make certain you are working with a licensed, insured and experienced roofing professional.

    Curb appeal is an ideal reason for your roof to be cleaned, especially if you’re looking to sell it. If your roof is moldy or covered in moss or if you have black streaks or shingles that are not secure, it might be time to call in a roofer to handle the task. Even if you’re not going to be selling your home, removing moss and algae will extend the life of the existing roof.

    When you’re talking with a roofer about the process of cleaning your roof make certain he doesn’t talk about using any abrasive or non-environmentally friendly roof cleaners or that he doesn’t plan to use a high velocity power washer to do the job. Harsh cleaning agents or high pressure washers have the potential to void any warranty you may have on it and can lead to damage of the shingles or the roof deck.

    Roofers may have different names for the way in which they perform the task but make sure they are using a gentle cleansing agent and that they are using a “soft wash” to clean off any mold or algae. Consider that the cost of a thorough roof cleaning is less than three to five percent of the cost of a roof replacement and you can see that talking to a roofing specialist about having your roof cleaned is a budget-friendly home maintenance task.

    The way the price of a roof cleaning is typically calculated is:

    • How bad the problem is
    • How big the roof is
    • The pitch and height of the roof

    The next time you’re driving down the road look up at your roof. Do you like what you see? If not, call a contractor for a quote on a roof cleaning.