• Tips For Choosing A Slate Roof Contractor

  • Slate roofs are beautiful, durable and a staple on many Florida roofs. If you’re in the midst of determining whether your current slate roof needs replacing or if you want to replace your shingled roof with a slate roof, there are five tips offered by Florida roofing contractors to make certain you are getting the correct contractor for the task.

    1. Obtain a quote in writing. If something doesn’t make sense, ask for clarification and in writing if it makes you more comfortable. Quiz the contractor and ask for an explanation as to why they are recommending one treatment or style over another. Be sure you understand the quote and what you’re actually getting.
    2. Walk around with the roofing contractor when he inspects your roof. Ask him questions about his procedures and the prices that he is offering. A reliable, professional contractor will be happy to answer your questions and take time to explain items you don’t understand.
    3. Some questions to ask a potential slate roof contractor are: How will the slates be secured? They should be tinned and center nailed or with a slate hook. You will also want to know whether you will need expansion joints as part of the project an if the existing gutters will be replaced with copper gutters.
    4. Ask the roofing contractor for references and examples of his work. He should be happy to provide you with names and contact information of former clients and you should take the time to drive around and look at his handiwork.
    5. Ask the contractor to take photos of your roof prior to beginning the project. You need to know what areas are being replaced and the current state so you can continue to monitor those areas over time, especially if they are prone to problems.

    As in any profession there are those contractors that aren’t reputable. When you are looking for a roofing contractor in Florida you will find one that wants to work with you, answer your questions, offer you a fair price and provide you with a roof that will last decades.