• Steps For Taking Care Of Your Florida Roof

  • Roofs across the country take a beating when it comes to the weather. Roofs in Florida are also subjected to heat, rain, wind and humidity and those can all lead to a combination of issues for your roof and its integrity. When making spring cleaning to-do lists, you should be sure to add “check the roof” to that list.

    Taking time to inspect your roof means that it will help keep you, your family and your belongings protected for many years to come. In Florida, when the summers are humid and warm, there can easily be a build-up of mold and moss. These are both unsightly and damaging for your roof. Moss and mold can not only discolor the roof itself but it can permeate the shingles and cause damage to the wood beneath. Moss and mold damage roof shingle edges and are a cause of concern for many Florida homeowners, roofing contractors in Florida explain.

    Moss and mold are organic materials and can be cleaned by a roofing professional with relative ease through the use of a hose and roof washing solutions. Most solutions used to clean roofs are a mixture of water and bleach and other materials that are not harmful to the environment or to the siding of your home. Be advised that using a cleaning solution that has too heavy a concentration of bleach can lead to discoloration of the roof material and the siding of the home. A roofing professional knows how to use the cleaning materials in a way that will not lead to damage to other areas of the home. He will also loosen the moss and mold and will gently scrub it away before cleaning the area with clean water.

    It is best to leave cleaning of the roof to a roofing professional as they are well experienced in the safety measures for climbing a roof as well as the proper methods of cleaning the roof in a way that will not cause damage to the shingles or any surrounding areas of the home.