• Proactive Roof Maintenance

  • wood shingles on a roofA diamond may last forever but a roof simply isn’t meant to last a lifetime. Even the best roofing system will begin to show signs of wear at some point but regular roof inspections can help extend the life of a roof. If you’re not afraid of heights and feel safe being on the roof of your home, there are several things you can monitor throughout the year:

    1. Leafs and branches. No doubt, you’ll hear the sound of a palm branch if it falls on your home but often leaves and other debris can collect on your roof. Check your roof and broom these off periodically.
    2. Shingles with lifting corners. Over time, wind will pick up corners. Look to see if it truly just is an edge that has lifted or if there is more damage.
    3. Collecting water. This may indicate the start of a problem. Be sure to swipe away the area, dry it off and look for underlying problems. If you can get to the attic, check the area to see if the roof has started to leak.
    4. Mold and mildew. Tile roofs are susceptible to mold but asphalt shingles can collect mold as well. Power wash the roof as needed. Generally it is recommended you hire a professional to do this job as they have experience and the right products to do the job.

    If you notice problems over time, don’t procrastinate on repairs. Minor problems can quickly become major issues if ignored over time.