• How Much Does a Roof Repair Cost?

  • Let me get out my crystal ball and tell you exactly what your roof repair will cost… oh wait, I can’t. (Though we do have a handy Roofing Estimate Calculator on our home page that you should check out!) While every roof is different, there are a few factors that can help you come up with a ballpark estimate on your roof repair yourself. Here’s what we use to determine how much a roof repair costs.

    Size Matters

    The size of your roof, or at least the portion of it that needs to be repaired, is the most important cost-determining factor. If the area that needs repair is large, you’ll pay more. However, if you catch the damage early, you’ll save money in the long run since leaks, loose shingles, and other damage can lead to water and ice damage to the roof and interior of the home. Got storm damage? Your insurance policy might pay for some or all of the work, so be sure to contact your insurance company to see what they cover before calling your roofer!

    Shape Matters

    Roofs with a steep pitch tend to be more expensive to fix, and are especially dangerous for roofers during winter when frost, ice, and water make them slippery.

    Materials Matter

    Here’s the breakdown from cheapest to most expensive roofing materials to replace:

    • Asphalt shingles
    • Wooden & Metal shingles
    • Tile & Slate
    • Solar panels
    • Custom-colored antique shingles

    And, don’t forget the flashing around pipes, skylights and chimneys – vinyl and metal flashing are priced differently.

    Extras Matter

    The “while you’re at it” costs can really climb with roof repairs, but can save you money in the long run. A contractor will only do what you want, so if you tell him (or her) to repair the big, obvious hole, s/he’ll fix the hole. However, we’d recommend you give your contractor a wider scope of work and pay to find out the full extent of the damage before work starts. You can also have your roof resealed as the repairs are happening.

    The national average of roof repair costs is between $200 and $1500, though some homeowners pay substantially more depending on the factors listed above. But, before you succumb to sticker-shock, remember to ask your homeowner’s insurance agent exactly what roof repairs your policy may cover!