• Contractor Communication 101

  • Contractors are good at what they do but they don’t always make great communicators and it can be hard to “read between the lines”. Here are a few communication styles you may encounter when looking for or working with a contractor:

    1. Doesn’t Return A Call: Don’t assume he is too busy to return the call. If he doesn’t take the time to call you back he either isn’t interested in the job or you probably don’t want him doing the work anyway. Run!
    2. Insists His Way Is Best: This can be tricky! You are probably not a roofing contractor or remodeling professional or you would be doing the job yourself. Your contractor is an expert in his or her field and has years of experience. Listen to what he has to say as he but don’t let him talk you into something that doesn’t seem to make sense.
    3. That Will Cost More Money: Always refer back to your contract and the work defined therein. If you add to the work or an unexpected problem arises, the scope of work will define what was included in the initial quote.
    4. I’ll Put It On The Punch List: No, he isn’t preparing for the party after completing your project. Every good contractor keeps a list of items that need to be completed before the project can be considered complete. If you have a concern, make your own punch list and compare it to his. Any contractor that keeps a list is organized and thorough!

    While these are a just a few of the things you might encounter, communication is key when working on a home project. Ask questions, make sure you understand what you’re being told and rely on his or her wisdom!