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    Altamonte Spings Florida

    Part of Seminole County, Altamonte Springs FL is one of the premier travel destinations in the Sunshine State. What city in the state isn’t one of the premier travel destinations? On the Atlantic side in northwestern Florida, Altamonte Springs makes for an excellent family vacation destination. Make your way to Crane’s Roost Park as a central starting point and branch outwards. One way to get to know more about a city is to visit its top attractions. Here are some of the best places of interest in Altamonte Springs FL.

    Lac of Cranes Roost Park

    Crane’s Roost Park was mentioned as a great starting point, due to its central location. It is also the #1 attraction in Altamonte Springs. This park located at 274 Cranes Roost Boulevard and the entire surrounding area is a must visit. Feed the ducks, take a walk around the lake, check out the Altamonte Mall and even enjoy scheduled free concerts and other types of events. A central location is one way to put it, but you can also say that Cranes Roost Park is the heart of Altamonte Springs FL.

    The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art is one of those niche or specialty museums that you will find quite interesting. While it’s not a museum that provides history about the city of Altamonte Springs, it is one of the more notable attractions in the area. It is also going to be quite the sight to behold, as it features an extensive collection of art by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Are you familiar with him? His father founded Tiffany & Company, and so you know you’re in for a treat if you stop by this museum.

    As you make your way around the area, you are going to want to see more of the natural beauty of Altamonte Springs, right? One place to visit is Lake Lotus Nature Park, and you will find it at 1153 Lake Lotus Park Road. It is an excellent place for picnics, and it is also a great fishing spot. Go hiking, check out the views, see all the birds and other wildlife and much more. You might want to take some pictures while you are there, too. The walking paths are well-maintained, as is the park in general.

    If its parks you are interested in, there is also Lake Lily Park, Central Park, and Secret Lake Park. Would you like to stop by a local brewery in Altamonte Springs? Hourglass Brewery is located at 480 South Ronald Reagan Boulevard, and reviews say that the place has an excellent selection of beers. You can also order up food there, and people seem to love the wings.

    You will want to stop by some local restaurants while you are in Altamonte Springs, too. The top attractions mentioned will give you a taste of the city. There are many choices for places to visit all over the Sunshine State, but Altamonte Springs FL is a great city to get to know if you are in the area. If you like it, you may like to learn more about Baldwin Park FL.

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